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Hi!  I’m the ‘Steve’ in Steve Frazier Photography!  My passion in photography started with landscapes and sunsets (I became known as Sunset Kid).  In recent years, I have become fascinated with portrait photography… working with people, helping them to feel comfortable in front of the camera and showing them how to be great models even though they are initally intimidated by the thought.

I’d love to be your photograher at your family event, wedding or personal portraits… or a farm, building (or most other photography need).  Contact me at stevefrazierphotography@gmail.com.   I am a photographer in Macomb, Illinois and can photograph in many of the the western Illinois towns, including Colchester, Macomb, Blandinsville, Sciota, Good Hope, Bardolph, Adair, Bushnell, Industry, Table Grove, Plymouth, and Tennessee… or anywhere!

“Wow! Great stuff.  I used to have the temerity to think that paintings [of] scenes were better than any photograph.  Not so any more.  Great photos, great paintings.  When it is that good it is art.”  –Fred  

(Fred is a local artist and retired art professor)

I hope you will be photographer when I get married someday!  –Erin  (16 years old)


Steve Frazier is a talented and artistic photographer and photo retoucher whose specialty is capturing subtle variations of light to produce beautiful and vibrant images. His photos have been published on the covers of telephone books in California and Illinois and they have appeared in journals, on large murals and as framed pictures hanging in business offices. He is a Getty Images contributor, offering some of his photos to the world-wide advertising community.  He is also an apprentice in the Arcanum studying under Martin Bailey in Japan (an internationally known photographer).  He helped start a photography club at the University in Macomb, Illinois and judges 4H photography projects in a couple of the surrounding counties.  Steve also does event shoots for the Park Service in Macomb and volunteers as a photographer for the annual Help-Portrait event in Macomb and is one of the administrators for the Optical Excellence–a moderated Flickr group known for its high-quality images.  Besides this website, he also maintains websites on Flickr and YouPic.

Steve Frazier, Photographer in Macomb, Illinois

Photographer Steve Frazier
(Photo by Darrell Dohrman)

Since moving to western Illinois from the Bay Area in California where he primarily did landscape and low-light/night photography, he has focused on a portrait and event photography.  Called upon to shoot wedding, family, special events and high school senior photos, he often shoots these on location, including in people’s homes.  Examples of these types of collections are in the Client Access area of this website, (see this outdoor high school portrait series as an example).  Of course, he still finds time to get out and do landscape photography, one of his original passions in photography.

Steve became interested in photography after purchasing a “jean pocket-sized” camera to take on a vacation trip into northern California and southern Oregon in 2011. His first panoramic picture, taken at Crater Lake on that trip, is shown below, which was stitched together from eight individual shots.  His photography is influenced by art lessons he took in his childhood. “When I was eleven, I took oil painting lessons from a french artist while my family was living in French Morocco, northern Africa where my father was stationed as a Navy fighter pilot.” He says that early artistic spark now drives him to transform ordinary, everyday moments that we often overlook into beautiful, inspiring and even breathtaking images.  He is artistic in his photography not only because he has a “good eye” but because of his post processing skills (analogous to developing a photo).  It is that distinctive style of editing that helps differentiate his photography from others.  He also uses a photography printing firm that caters to professional photographers so that the pictures look every bit as good as they do on the computer screen.

Photo of Crater Lake by Steve Frazier, Photographer in Macomb, Illinois

A panoramic view of Crater Lake in southern Oregon created by stitching together eight hand-held shots.

“I don’t subscribe to the advice that photographers should concentrate on just one aspect of photography,” he says.  “I started out as a landscape photographer in California by taking long exposures at sunset and night and became very good at it.  However, I really love working with people to take portraits that make them look their best!  People are the most interesting subject of any photography endevour and I love coaxing an elusive expression, look or mood out of them and catching them in wonderful lighting situations… even if they are at first uncomfortable about being photographed.”

Photographer in Macomb, Illinois

Photographer in Macomb, IllinoisSteve calls himself a “semi-professional” instead of a professional photographer.”  Why?  “Photography is my passion (my wife calls it an obsession) but it is not a full-time career for me right now.”  (He takes professionally-recognized photographs nevertheless!)   While he is photographer in Macomb, Illinois, he is a senior technology leader in higher education who has worked at colleges and universities in six states.  Having recently moved from California, he and his wife now reside in the town of Macomb in western Illinois.

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