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I hope that you’ve enjoyed this gallery of stunning macro and flower photography. It features flower, petals and plant nature photographed at the Cowden Rose Garden on the Heather Farm Park in Walunt Creek (Contra Costa), California. While I have not been able to identify many of these blossoms, photos contain the beautiful Iris and a Bird of Paradise. I’ve also visited the El Rancho Nursery in Vacaville (Solano) and taken photos of the colorful tulips and other beautiful flowers that sprung up on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple grounds in Oakland (Alameda). On the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve, where I visited their Visitor’s Center, I took the picture of the old Acacia tree, which may no longer be living. In Punta Gorda Isles (PGI), Florida and the Ponce De Leon Historical Park in Charlotte County on the Charlotte Harbor, FL., I took other shots. But many of these images were taken the San Francisco Bay Area of northern California (CA), including Vallejo.

About the Photographer: Steve Frazier is a passionate sunset and night photographer whose photography work has been collected into the galleries displayed on this website. His low-light and night work in the dark captures photos and images of clouds, landscape scenery (such as fields, forest, farmland, country and countryside), waterscape (river, lake, pond, etc.). His sunrise or sunset photographs, have been taken in the farmland and countryside of the midwest and in the San Franciso Bay Area along the Carquinez Strait and San Pablo Bay. They include clouds, the horizon, streams and mountain ranges. Stunning, beautiful and artistic, many of his bracketed shots are used to create HDR or high dynamic range images using software including Photomatix, Lightroom, and Photoshop. Steve resides on a horse ranch south of Colchester, Illinois (near Macomb which is in McDonough County, IL). That’s why a lot of his images contain stalls in the horse barn!

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