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Some of the stunning photos in this farmland collection include horses, a mule, and birds found in the country. They were taken near Colchester in McDonough County that abounds in agriculture and farming. It is located in west central Illinois and abounds with corn and soybean fields. Some of those photos were created using bracketed shots that were processed in Photomatix to create HDR images (or High Dynamic Range). The subject matter in this gallery includes farm implements (including tractors, a hay rake, and augur), grain bins and silos in a field, horse stalls in a barn, flowers and an arena. The photograph of the inside of a homestead built in 1818 on what is now the Peach Tree Farm was taken just west of Columbia, Missouri.

About the Photographer: Steve Frazier is a passionate sunset and night photographer whose photography work has been collected into the galleries displayed on this website. His low-light and night work in the dark captures photos and images of clouds, landscape scenery (such as fields, forest, farmland, country and countryside), waterscape (river, lake, pond, etc.). His sunrise or sunset photographs, have been taken in the farmland and countryside of the midwest and in the San Franciso Bay Area along the Carquinez Strait and San Pablo Bay. They include clouds, the horizon, streams and mountain ranges. Stunning, beautiful and artistic, many of his bracketed shots are used to create HDR or high dynamic range images using software including Photomatix, Lightroom, and Photoshop. Steve resides on a horse ranch south of Colchester, Illinois (near Macomb which is in McDonough County, IL). That’s why a lot of his images contain stalls in the horse barn!

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